December 30

Help identifying cause of random hives

Looking for some ideas as to what might be causing random hives and swelling. For a little over a week my daughter (22yo) has been experiencing eruptions of hives that we can't find an explanation for. Her legs will suddenly become covered with raised itchy hives, both legs, front and back, thighs and calves. Benadryl doesn't seem to make a difference, and they subside after a few hours, only to return. She has also had two weird instances of lip swelling that lasted longer, for about a day. Benadryl also had no effect on that. [more inside]
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The extremely far future of journalism

I want to write a somewhat goofy story set on board a space ship. I want a mediocre journalist character as a heroine. But it seems preposterous to imagine that media, and journalists, would still exist in any recognisable way in that kind of space opera future. Is it??
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is there anything like a cough drop, but not sweet?

All the cough drops I've been able to find, to moisten my dry mouth or stop a tickle in my throat, are too sweet. Especially the sugarless ones. Most sugarless cough drops are sweetened not only by the hard-candy base, made of isomalt or some such indigestible sugar, but also by added sucralose, acesulfame-K, stevia, aspartame, saccharin, or other artificial sweetener. The amount of any artificial sweetener used in anything is always vastly in excess of what I can stand the taste of. (Why do people like everything so sweet!) I must be a supertaster for sweetness. [more inside]
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PhD in Political Science or PhD in Clinical/ Social Psychology?

I am wondering what would be a better career outcome with a Phd in Political Science or a PhD in Clinical Psychology or Social Psychology? [more inside]
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I have been enjoying Plants v Zombies 2 but the ads are driving me insane especially since they have sound which I hate in a game. I would be happy to pay a one time or annual subscription fee to remove ads but Plants v Zombies 2 doesn’t have that option. There are a lot of alternatives but it is hard for me to tell which meet my below criteria. Any thoughts? [more inside]
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Gift idea burnout

My wife's birthday is right around the corner. I had some great inspiration for Christmas gifts and now am feeling all used up. Things she likes are listed inside. [more inside]
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Need some New Year motivational videos

With the new year coming, I'm looking for some short motivational videos (10 minutes or less) by people who have changed their habits related to health. The changes could be around food, what they eat (such as eliminating unhealthy junk food), drinking, exercise. Not looking for how-to guides but rather people describing the inner experience of change and how much better they feel after changing a habit. Two examples inside. [more inside]
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Covid recovery after ventilator

Looking for actual hard information on the outcomes of ventilators and/or ICU treatment in Covid cases especially: [more inside]
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How can I have a social trivia experience on the internet?

I miss the weekly bar trivia that was part of my life pre-pandemic. I would love to get together remotely with a few friends (or strangers) and play trivia once a week. How can I do that on the internet? Details within. [more inside]
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I don't want this particular job, but let's talk.

A recruiter just contacted me on LinkedIn for a local hospital IT job. I don't want this particular job, but if my current job changed or went away it's a place that I would like to work. Is there any way to use this to network with people at the hospital? [more inside]
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ISO Stylish / Function Coffee Travel Mug

I am looking for a coffee travel mug. Details inside [more inside]
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Is there a site with some of the best cheap monthly airbnbs?

So I've been nomadic for a while and I think I'd like to keep doing it. I'm looking for cheapish monthly rentals in interesting places. I've been doing the searching myself on airbnb but I have to think there's something like Curbed that looks for this stuff. Is there?
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Notify a PC from Google Home or Android

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I have a specific issue with notifying one of the kids that it's time for dinner (or to go, or whatever). He is often on his mom's computer with headphones on and this can't be done without screaming. What technological solutions are there to this problem? [more inside]
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I wish to know the timeline of the current US funding bill.

CW: politics. I wish to know the timeline of the current US funding bill containing the $600/$2000 hullabaloo. [more inside]
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Flat roof leaking after Chicago snow -- help!

We bought our first house this summer, and woke up this morning (after the first heavy snow of the season) with water dripping through our bathroom ceiling vent. What happens next? [more inside]
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Does foccacia dough need to rise?

I use Samin Nosrat's recipe for Ligurian foccacia bread, and there is conflicting information. [more inside]
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7TB of photos, want a Mac app to eliminate EXACT duplicates only

I am trying to de-dupe multiple terabytes of photos. I want a Mac app that will find all of the duplicate images (and only duplicates, not "similar" ones). [more inside]
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I'm pregnant and my husband is having a breakdown

I found out three days ago that I was pregnant. I thought this was a mostly wanted pregnancy, but my husband is having a breakdown and now says that he never wanted kids. He's also talking about leaving me for good. I don't know what to do. [more inside]
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December 29

Word for a trick parallelism?

Friend just showed me a humorous headline: ”Padres Give Up Prospects for Yu Darvish While Cubs Give Up.” I seem to recall there’s a term (possibly a very new one, invented in the internet age) for this kind of silly parallelism, where the same word is used twice but it means something different the second time. What is it? [more inside]
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How do you (a eco-friendly Californian) pick up your dog's poop on walks

I am looking for the cheapest compostable dog poop bags available to buy online* in California. Surely this is a solved problem! What do YOU use? [more inside]
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Best Netflix-only, streaming now, intelligent charming movies?

I usually watch stuff on DVD, but right now I'm doing a single month of Netflix streaming so I can watch things that are ONLY available that way. What intelligent, charming - or just great - movies should I watch? [more inside]
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to be eaten with peking ravioli, naturally

How do you make duck sauce specifically à la Chinese-American restaurants in New England? This is a variant of duck sauce ubiquitous in the Boston area but that as far as I know hardly exists elsewhere. It has the texture of a watery slurry and tastes fresh and bright. It is not viscous or syrupy. No grocery-store duck sauce that I've tried before is of this variant. I have a vague memory of being told that it is a mixture of applesauce and soy sauce, and while I don't detect soy at all, the applesauce rings true-- heck, if you told me it's just pure thinned-out applesauce that actually sounds pretty believable. Only looking for responses from people who know, or have a source that knows, about this specific type of duck sauce.
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How Do I Get This Tree Out of My Chicago Apartment?

I am in Chicago. I want to get rid of my Christmas tree…very very soon, ideally. I do not have a car. What do I do? [more inside]
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Family interference vs helpfulness

Please help me understand Western Culture and family dynamics. Is it ok or not for family to point out your flaws and give you helpful direction? If not, why not? [more inside]
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Friend seeking reassurance I don't want to give--what do?

A friend of mine keeps asking me to validate a choice they made that they know I don't agree with. How do I respond graciously without denying my own values? [more inside]
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Best retirement savings account(s) for a teacher in California?

For a 30 year old teacher in California what would be the best retirement saving scheme? My salary has automatic fixed deductions paid into CalSTRS, and my employer offers a 403(b) plan without employer matching. (Asking for daughter) [more inside]
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Conspiracy theories: liberal edition

I'll be teaching a class on conspiracy theories and rhetoric, and most of my examples are aligned with the fringe elements of the Republican party. Obviously there is a lot of low hanging fruit. I'm wondering if there are any conspiracy theories that the left is prone to believe in? [more inside]
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How to (permanently?) delete a group chat on twitter?

Me and a group of friends want to migrate our group chat from Twitter to a more secure service. Yes we know nothing is private on the internet. [more inside]
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Tips needed to help a friend copy files off old Mac to give to an ex

I am helping a friend who needs to give an ex-partner a large amount of files from a shared 2013 family iMac. The files that need to be copied to a new external HD and handed off will include plain old word docs, lots of photos, probably some Adobe or similar design files, music files (in iTunes), tax software files/records, and possibly a few others categories. Can you help me get this done completely so all parties are satisfied? [more inside]
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Somehow I've managed to break the water table

The toilet ran all night and drained our well, I think. How long will it take to re-fill and is there anything we should be doing in the meantime? [more inside]
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More yin yoga videos, please

I've recently started doing 20-30 minutes of yin yoga in the mornings, and I really enjoy it -- the meditative aspect combined with gentle movement is calming and energizing for me. 狐狸视频在线观看 狐狸视频在线观看 ,九九萝莉带纸巾 九九萝莉带纸巾 [more inside]
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More work, less time.

I have a ridiculous amount of work to get through before Jan 01. How would you be your productive best during a short, busy period? All tips and tricks welcome. I'm exhausted just thinking about it (and just, regular exhausted from lack of sleep) and could use your help. Thank you!
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Rescue Dog & My Mom

How do we get my rescue dog used to my mom? [more inside]
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EnGulf me, please

Looking for a dog-friendly, public beach for early morning walks and possible Gulf dips near Ft. Myers, FL. Any recommendations? [more inside]
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Have to un-hire a nanny for covid reasons. What’s a good severance?

We hired a nanny to start in mid January, but the spikes in void in our area have us scared, especially because the nanny lives with roommates. We are actually thinking of going without childcare until this wave crests. She hasn’t started yet and we don’t have a contract but we don’t want to leave her completely high and dry. What would be a fair amount to give her?
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How do I de-salt a Honey Baked Ham bean soup?

I have the bone from a Honey Baked Ham and want to make the soup using their packet of beans. From experience I know it will be too salty. Is there a way of reducing the saltiness without destroying the flavor? I've thought of soaking the ham bone overnight in a pan of water but I don't really know. What are your ideas?
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Recipes for Coñata pan?

I got a ridiculous and wonderful Chicago Coñata Pan for Christmas:
Can anyone suggest what types of dough will settle nicely into these crevices, but not puff up so much that they turn out wrong? Brownies, cookies, cornbread, white bread....??? Any recipes gratefully accepted -- I want to get started with this goofy thing ASAP. [more inside]
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Colon cancer

I am being urged to get a colonoscopy (which, fine, I'll get one) to see if my chronically low ferritin is due to intestinal blood loss. It has been just as low as it is now (3, I forget the units), for at least 16 years. IV iron helps, then it drops again. If colon cancer had been advanced enough to deplete my ferritin stores for 16 years, wouldn't I be symptomatic by now? I can't get a straight answer out of my provider and feel like this is more of a CYA recommendation. I mean, I need one anyway because of my age, but I want to understand whether cancer is actually likely to be the cause, as opposed to my heavy periods.
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Vaguely-Remembered Short Story: Cessna, Chimpanzee, Cigarette Lighter

I'm trying to find a short story from the 80s, possibly published in Harper's, in which an older woman, a younger man, and a chimpanzee go for a ride in the man's small plane... [more inside]
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Online community for queer women

Where do queer women hang out online? [more inside]
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Can you help through my yearly NYC health insurance quagmire?

I live in NYC, am self-employed, and buy my own health insurance each year. Every year I go round and round trying to figure out the best option over all. This year, the cheapest option seems to be HealthFirst, but I wonder if there's something I'm not seeing. [more inside]
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Repairing a broken tub faucet

Internal piece of the tub faucet broke, a round white sleeve part. How do I remove this so I can replace the faucet? From some quick research this seems like a part that's been screwed onto the stub, that comes as part of the whole faucet assembly, though it's on extremely tight and I'll need to find a good wrench to see if I can unscrew it -- but I wanted to check that was the correct approach before attempting to remove it.
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Suggestions for open heart surgery recovery

My father-in-law is having open heart surgery in mid-January and we want to make his recovery as comfortable as possible. We’re looking for help in making that a reality. [more inside]
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Professional AND Hip Mens Clothing?

Where should I shop for "hip" business casual clothes? [more inside]
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Inherited property in Missouri

A relative who lives in California has inherited property (acreage not a home) in a rural Missouri county from another relative who lived in a different state. There is a will. Apparently the heir needs to file the will in Missouri and go through probate in order to become the new owner and sell the property. How does this person find a reliable attorney knowing absolutely nothing more than that?
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Running a minecraft server with a realms-like experience

Is there a UI or minecraft server manager that offers a web admin that allows you to create servers and run minigames without having to know everything in advance? [more inside]
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Tell me about your first year as a first time home buyer.

Our offer to purchase a house was accepted. We are now in the anxiety-filled waiting period while the inspection, appraisal, and mortgage underwriting processes are completed. We are also emptying out the tank in order to go through with the purchase and while I feel really great about the house we are buying, it's pretty nerve racking. In order to soothe my nerves, I am constantly googling for stories about home buyers. Can you tell me about your first year as a first time home buyer? [more inside]
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Book Recommendations—Romantic Suspense/Thriller Edition

I’m looking for a romance genre book that is heavily weighted towards suspense/thriller. This is for a book talk video series I participate in at my library. I really enjoy a good domestic thriller, but hardly ever read books in the romance genre. Yes, I know there are lots of lists out there, but I’m looking for personal recommendations! Bonus points if it’s not by a super well known author, and I’d prefer a contemporary setting. All levels of steaminess are fine! Any ideas? Thanks in advance, fellow readers!
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Seeking Book Recommendations

I'm looking for some book recommendations. I tend to enjoy fiction with rich character development and emotional depth (aka I end up reading a lot of sad books, though that's not a requirement). [more inside]
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Please help me get into video games

Hi! I would like to give (video) gaming a whirl and see if it is for me. I know nothing, except that I loathe playing games on my laptop and feel strongly that I would need a console. I think this is because you can kinda get more physically into it? (Does this not bode well?) Anyway, please help me decide how to get a broad sampler platter of good/popular games on a console without spending all my money (just some of it). [more inside]
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throwing windows out the window

Please tell me what to even call this function on my macbook air, then how to delete it. [more inside]
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Looking for an ideal carrying case for art supplies

Got my son a bunch of new art supplies, neglected to get him something to hold them all in. What do y'all recommend? Some specifics within --> [more inside]
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Loss of close friendship

This past year, I’ve been forced to acknowledge that a once close friendship that was very, very important to me is over. I’m not dealing well and looking for help. This is long. Sorry. [more inside]
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Printer Troubleshooting (Samsung ML-1865W, flashing orange light)

I moved, and when I went to set up my printer (Samsung ML-1865W) again, it wouldn't turn on. An orange light flashes when I am holding the power button, but otherwise it does nothing at all (no noise/light/movement.) Tried a bunch of things (listed inside), looking for any next steps before giving up. [more inside]
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December 28

home renovation on a budget: staggered schedule edition

I'm the one who will inherit the (40-year-old semi-detached house common in southeast asia) family home. Currently i am living there, keeping my mother company but with the existing interior layout. Our plan is I'm turning the floor I'm on to become my own studio apartment. I don't have a lot of money, but I have enough to start on a couple of big things, with future spending being planned for. Along with the fact I will need to remain there during the renovation, what would be your advice on the phases i should take? [more inside]
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History filter: Why do things the hard way?

I have a question about Operation Iceberg: The Battle of Okinawa, April–June 1945. There are things I don’t understand about fighting a war 75 years ago. [more inside]
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Keeping the fire alive in a pandemic

How are you and your partner handling the quarantine sexual lulls? What are you doing to keep the spark alive? [more inside]
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Discontinuing COBRA mid-month

Is it possible to stop COBRA coverage mid-month? The COBRA administration company is saying that it isn't. We got new insurance through an employer starting 12/7 and don't/didn't need the COBRA coverage after that. [more inside]
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Looking for a catalog of book spines

I'm looking for pictures of the spines of every book ever published, including every changed version of the art. It's a small ask I know, but if someone knows of a good place to start that would be very helpful. [more inside]
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Manage Photos in iCloud Family Storage?

Short version: is it possible to manage family members’ photos in iCloud family storage so that a specific user’s photos go into a specific folder instead of just into the main stream? [more inside]
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